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Chairman’s Blog Spring 2015

Dear Friends of MONC NW,

As I write this letter I am still in a state of exhilaration, pride and awe after having just attended the Metropolitan Opera National Council Finals in New York. Hearing the finalists sing from the Met stage with that incredible orchestra was a huge adrenaline rush. And after talking with the young singers on the verge of major careers and realizing how their lives had changed, I had an intense feeling of satisfaction, knowing that we were instrumental in making that possible.

There is no doubt that the Met auditions play an extremely important role in insuring that we have a replenishing crop of talented young opera singers. Not only do we help these young singers fulfill their dreams, but the concerts, master classes and presentations help build new audiences and further enhance the existing audiences understanding of the glory of opera and the human voice.

To this is end, we have expanded our MONC NW regional finals to an “Opera Weekend” to bring our audience and young singers in direct contact with established artists and nationally recognized leaders in the opera world. Many of our contestants who did not receive major awards have gotten advice and made contacts that have resulted in their being accepted into opera programs and studios of renowned teachers and coaches throughout the country.

This is very satisfying to all of us involved in MONC NW (Metropolitan Opera National Council Northwest Region), but we need your help to continue this vital assistance. Although we are affiliated with the Metropolitan Opera, we receive no funding from them; we need your financial contributions and, hopefully, involvement.
What do your gifts do?

1.  Prize money for the singers is the major goal of our mission. (Voice lessons and coaching sessions which are the core of a singer’s training are very costly.)

2.  Venue and production costs for the audition. (Presentation in a professional setting is vital.)

3.  The cost of bringing guest artists, master teachers and other distinguished opera personnel. (Plane fare, lodging, honoraria, etc.)

4.  Expanding our scope to reach more singers and audiences.

5.  The past two years our singers and audiences have had the chance to meet many opera luminaries including Frederica van Stade, Angela Meade, Alek Shrader, Ruth Falcon, Elizabeth Hynes, Jane Eaglen, Judith Forst, Speight Jenkins, Aidan Lang, and Martin Bernheimer.

Please consider a gift today.
There is much more to do, not only for aspiring artists, but also for the future of opera itself. How much we accomplish depends on you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Melvyn Poll
Metropolitan Opera National Council, Northwest Region

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